Mechanical Toolkit

The Mechanical Toolkit speeds up the drawing of common mechanical components, and provides functions for annotating welds, tolerances and surface finishes.


The Mechanical Toolkit Setup dialogs are used to modify the Mechanical Toolkit's default settings, and customise it to your preferences. Here you can further specify line type and pen colour that will be used by the mechanical toolkit to draw Solid, Hidden and Centre lines.

  • Automatic linear or polar repeat function
  • Hexagon bolts
  • Hexagon nuts with or without washers
  • Slotted hexagon nuts

  • Multiple libraries containing mechanical elements can be created and used
  • User friendly and graphical setup dialogs
  • Specify pens and line types to be used for solid, hidden and centre lines
  • Elements can be drawn in hidden or solid lines
  • To draw an element, simply select and indicate its position
  • Each drawn element will be grouped individually
  • Draw multiple circles with centre lines
  • Draw drilled or tapped holes in plan or section.

AllyCAD Mechanical Toolkit

  • Screws with various slots and head shapes including:
  • Cap screws
  • Plain
  • Low Head
  • Shoulder
  • Flat Head
  • Rivets with various head shapes

Draw Components
  • Shafts with multiple sections and filleted or chamfered trim
  • Links with user defined hole diameters, link radii, fillet radii and taper
  • Flanges with a defined pitch circle diameter and 2 different hole diameters
  • Spur Gears with a defined pressure angle, number of teeth and pitch circle diameter
This extremely useful tool enables you to instantly calculate the total length of all lines in a specified layer and can be used to calculate the total length of electrical cables and pipes drawn on a layer. The results can be displayed or written to an ASCII file. The ASCII file lists each line, its co-ordinates and its length, as well as the total line length.

  • Weld annotation - can save weld annotation definitions for laterre-use which saves time and helps with standardising work.
  • Surface Finish annotation - can save surface finish definitions for later re-use.


This tool allows you to draw top, side, front and development views of a rectangular to round duct section.
  • Draw rectangle to round duct views:
  • Front view
  • Plan view
  • End view
  • Development

data tables in AllyCAD

Draw Tables

This function allows you generate and draw a general-purpose table of data. Data may be imported and exported as a CSV (text) files.
  • Can create a Coordinate table, a Parts List table, or a "User" (general-purpose) table.
  • The data in all tables can be exported to Excel (.CSV file).
  • User table can import .CSV data. Data can also be cut and pasted from Excel spreadsheet into the User table.

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