General Toolkit

The General Toolkit includes file conversion; easy division of lines and angles; prompt importing of Excel data and one-click hiding of drawing layers.

Layer Info On Plot

This nifty tool inserts the date and the visible layer information on the plot. AllyCAD will prompt you to indicate the position of where you want the information to be placed. The list of visible layers will be placed at the specified location using the current text defaults.


Dividing an Angle

This Tool enables you to quickly and accurately divide the angle formed by any two intersecting lines into a specified number of equal angles.

Dividing a Line

This is another time saving tool that takes the drudgery out of repetitive and mundane tasks. The following options are available:
  • Divide Only Divides the selected line into equal segments only.
  • Divide + Circle Divides the selected line into equal segments marked with circles.
  • Divide + Tick Divides the selected line into equal segments only marked with ticks.
  • Circle No Divide Marks the selected line with equally placed circles without dividing.
  • Tick No Divide Marks the selected line with equally placed ticks without dividing.


Total Line Length

This extremely useful tool enables you to instantly calculate the total length of all lines in a specified layer and can be used to calculate the total length of electrical cables and pipes drawn on a layer. The results can be displayed or written to an ASCII file. The ASCII file lists each line, its co-ordinates and its length, as well as the total line length.

Hide Layer

This innovative but incredibly simple tool will save you hours of frustration. It can often take you a couple of hours to determine which layers should be visible and which shouldn't, when you receive a complex drawing from an outside source. Now you can simply click on any entity in a layer in order to hide that layer.



Line/Pen By Layer

This tool converts all line types and pens that have been drawn ByLayer to normal line and pen numbers. This is mainly used on imported AutoCAD drawings.

Arc Text

A simple and easy procedure enables you to write any text onto any arc with a specified text height and pen, or you can use the text defaults.



Draw Filleted Rectangle

Draws a rectangle with all four corners filleted by a user-defined radius

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